Monday, April 02, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 241

Thanking God this week for...

2825. towels hanging on the line for the first time this year
2826. colorful pens
2827. Elijah's love for jumping off things (most recently: the toilet and the coffee table...OY!)
2828. green, green everywhere
2829. the way the barrenness of winter makes me notice and appreciate the green

2830. bird songs outside our open windows
2831. evening walks with my guys
2832. opportunities to celebrate answered prayer with Elijah
2833. new carseats for the boys
2834. Steve making dinner while I went to the chiropractor

2835. time to catch up with a dear friend and pray together
2836. Steve's patient, gentle understanding and help with decision-making
2837. dogwood trees in bloom
2838. ten fingers, and the dexterity to peel a bazillion cloves of garlic
2839. freshly sharpened knives

2840. bandaids :)
2841. cheap and delicious strawberries
2842. the fact that I don't have seasonal allergies
2843. the fact that neither of my kids does, either
2844. opportunity to catch up with and enjoy the company of Elijah's old therapist/my friend

2845. cowboy boots left in the bathroom
2846. a toddler who likes to be held and snuggled (on his terms, of course ;)
2847. a playdate with friends
2848. Steve earning a raise
2849. dinner out to celebrate

2850. Jude reaching over and stealing salmon from Steve's plate
2851. episodes of Downton Abbey after bedtime
2852. the fact that our lives are not filled with that much drama!
2853. my sweet friend's beautiful bridal shower
2854. a reminder from the Spirit to take the plank out of my own eye

2855. time with a sweet friend on Sunday afternoon, chatting and making cards
2856. her help caring for kids, making dinner, doing dishes
2857. a bit of growth in seeing life from an eternal perspective
2858. the hope of Heaven
2859. the Savior who purchased it for me

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