Monday, November 02, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 354

"God says to give thanks, to do this in remembrance of Him — because in the remembering to give thanks, it’s our broken places that are re-membered — and we are the ones made whole.
A joyful heart is good medicine and our broken bones can be re-memembered when we remember to thank a good God."

Thanking God these last few weeks for...

7569. finally getting to explore Mammoth Cave during fall break

7570. the way a single tiny light can penetrate the blackest, thickest darkness
7571. hard but good conversations
7572. circumstances that force me to die to self and serve without immediate payoff
7573. having my laziness and self-centeredness exposed and worked on
7574. episodes of Wild Kratts on

7575. these cowlicks

7576. the prize of surpassing worth: knowing HIM
7577. getting to snuggle other people's babies

 7578. Elijah reading to Jude and a friend's little boy

7579. the promise that Christ will return
7580. a friend's powerful, vulnerable blog posts during 31 Days
7581. windows open + heavy blankets on cool autumn nights
7582. grace to notice and celebrate small progress
7583. reassurance of His love and patience in my brokenness

7584. a visit from my BIL/SIL and nieces/nephew
7585. hearing my SIL's heart about her background, passions, work
7586. indoor obstacle course for the kiddos AND the adults...hilarity ensued
7587. a "Super J" cape made from an old bridesmaid dress
7588. Jude introducing one of his best friends to his cousin

7589. my niece pulling her tooth when she found out our Tooth Fairy pays better than the one at home
7590. our church's beautiful process of selecting leaders
7591. Steve's being voted in as a deacon
7592. the countless ways he is a servant at home, not just in public
7593. realization/affirmation that His grace really is at work and evident in Steve and me

7594. a hike at Warner Park with friends, kids running ahead while we adults walked + talked
7595. being able to rest in His sovereignty in the midst of disappointing complications to our plans
7596. a friend here for coffee, long overdue visit
7597. pumpkin spice scones on fancy plates

7598. leftover half and half + leftover spiced glaze for my coffee
7599. His growing, teaching, transforming a friend; her pursuing Him
7600. time to sit and marvel at my big FIVE year old
7601. a whole bushel of my very favorite apples (Cameos)

 7602. gorgeous fall morning at Cheekwood with Jude and my parents

7603. pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colors, including orange lace on white

7604. date night with Steve while Grammy and Pops babysat
7605. my first time trying sushi

7606. the ability to buy a new washing machine when ours wore out--unbelievable privilege, wealth, grace
7607. fantastic sermons/lessons from other men in our church besides our pastors
7608. growing pains - good problems to have
7609. the way church has felt so refreshing and restorative lately
7610. Steve helping Jude make a doghouse for Clifford

7611. a visit from one of my dearest college friends
7612. finally getting to try Mas Tacos Por Favor, her treat

7613. openness, honesty, vulnerability, empathy, laughter
7614. getting to hear her sing in an Army Voices concert

7615. the smell of fresh nutmeg, and how cool it looks on the inside

 7616. pile of spices in a bowl of flour

 7617. pumpkin apple streusel muffins

7618. a quiet evening to reconnect with Steve
7619. long overdue evening catching up with a dear friend
7620. upholding the universe by the word of His power
7621. twelve women from my church registered for the Gospel Coalition women's conference next summer
7622. additional discounts since we got a big group together

7623. heart-shaped leaves

7624. boys playing in the leaves and helping Daddy with yardwork

 7625. another date night: party to celebrate friends' 30th anniversary

7626. evening of uninterrupted conversations with friends
7627. generous friend who babysat for the boys
7628. my adorable astronaut and fierce Ironman

7629. His throne is forever and ever
7630. He anoints with the oil of gladness
7631. He is not ashamed to call me sister

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