Friday, November 20, 2015

Naples Day 5: Santa Chiara

Just off Spaccanapoli, you can escape the chaos of Naples by entering Santa Chiara Monumental Complex, a monastery & convent. You walk through the gates in the graffiti-covered wall...

...and suddenly green and silence abounds; it is restful and refreshing and the crazy city feels worlds away.

I am a city girl at heart, but even I welcomed this quiet afternoon to decompress a bit after navigating Naples. So those of you who know my husband can just about imagine how badly Steve needed it :)

We wandered through the cloisters and gardens, admiring the frescoes, the vividly-painted majolica tiles, and the herbs and trees.

Next to the cloisters is a small museum which includes the ruins of a first-century spa:

We were so mentally and physically wiped out that we actually sat on the benches and dozed a bit.

After spending time in such a beautiful, peaceful place, we felt much better and ready to see more of Naples. 

On our way out of the complex, we peeked into the church.

Graffiti *everywhere*--even on the side of this beautiful old church :(

We couldn't look around much, though, because a wedding was underway!

So we ducked out and walked around past the front entrance, then onward to explore more of the city. 

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