Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sentiero Degli Dei: Bomerano to Nocelle

Sentiero Degli Dei (Italian for "Path of the Gods") is said to be one of the best hikes in Italy. The first part of the trail is about four miles, running from Bomerano to Nocelle.

Rather than exploring it on our own, we hired Gabriella of Walk Positano to guide us, and that proved to be a better choice for certain. She offered all kinds of information about the plants and landscape features we passed, the history of the area and its people, and the trail itself. She grew up in Positano and has hiked this trail since she was a child, so she had lots of knowledge and expertise to share. And, it was fun to have her able and willing to take pictures of the two of us together at various points along the trail!

I took SO many photos of the gorgeous scenery--I'll choose just a few highlights to share in two posts.

Once we finally made it to Bomerano, we had espresso with Gabriella at Hotel Gentile and then set off. The trail begins at the edge of the village:

At this point, you're roughly 1400 feet above sea level:

Off in the distance, on the bottom right, you can see steeply terraced vineyards and olive groves:

Here there's a free water fountain and the path splits--you can head east to Praiano or, as we did, to Nocelle and then on to Positano.

Olive trees are prevalent in the region:

The town you see in the bottom right of this photo is Positano--where we're headed:

Positano, just off my elbow:

After about two hours of walking, we made it to the village of Nocelle.

Here we found another water fountain and a place to wash off our dusty feet. Then it was on down to Positano...

[Nocelle to Positano, coming later this week]

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