Monday, November 16, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 356

Thanking God this week for...

7664. opportunities to love and serve people with food
7665. giving us more than enough to share
7666. an evening of great conversation with a friend
7667. this note on the mirror when I got home after everyone was already asleep

7668. Veteran's Day program at Elijah's school
7669. friends who are veterans and/or wives of veterans, and the sacrifices their families have made
7670. these feet that have to walk on every. single. ledge

7671. long shadow running out of the frame

7672. the #itssimplytuesday hashtag that prompts me to notice and capture such moments
7673. the additional prompt of #onedayHH last Tuesday with the provocative line about it I saw somewhere: "capture what's normal now that won't always be normal"
7674. little boys who still like to hold my hand (at least sometimes)


7675. my mom's face on FaceTime, long overdue
7676. Veteran's Day parade downtown
7677. gorgeous day for it

7678. Starbucks Groupon
7679. excellent customer service from Groupon
7680. conviction in the midst of correcting Elijah: he's doing what he sees me modeling
7681. lunch with a friend I hadn't seen since February
7682. health and growth in her over the last year
7683. her willingness to meet up with me and share her heart 

7684. soup + salad at Panera
7685. community group that turned into girls' night when some people canceled and just two women + one extra kid showed up
7686. Steve eating dinner with us, then cleaning up all the dishes and disappearing while we talked
7687. great conversation with sisters
7688. sweet time of prayer with them

7689. a baking frenzy with Jude: pumpkin mini-muffins, pizza mini-muffins, whole wheat bread, apple oatmeal muffins, pumpkin cookies
7690. trash bags full of clothes to take to Goodwill
7691. a sweet card in the mail from a friend
7692. Elijah's Lego creativity--this robot with pockets in his legs :)

7693. Compassion's online letter-writing tool
7694. hair long enough for a ponytail
7695. quadruple batch of lasagna soup
7696. free pizza
7697. getting to use old speech therapy strategies in the church nursery with a sweet little guy

7698. Sunday school lessons I am sad to miss and *want* to listen to later
7699. the gift of encouragement a man at our church so clearly possesses and uses so beautifully
7700. sermon saturated with Jesus
7701. a kingdom coming that cannot be shaken

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Briana Almengor said...

Did you get the SB groupon? I tried, and they were all sold out!