Friday, November 27, 2015

Sentiero Degli Dei: Nocelle to Montepertuso to Positano

Once we finished the main part of the Sentiero Degli Dei hike, we continued on paved roads and through villages for about two more miles from Nocelle to Positano.

In between is the village of Montepertuso:

Montepertuso is Italian for "hole in the mountain"--you can just barely see where the name comes from on the left side of this photo:

Here's a better close-up I found on Flickr:
photo: flickr/the-consortium

In Montepertuso, we stopped at a charming little restaurant along the route called Il Ritrovo. One of the great things about hiking with Gabriella was that she has lived in Positano her whole life, and between that and all the hikes she leads, she has developed relationships with people all along the trail.

This restaurant is owned by friends of her family, so Gabriella popped in to get some free biscotti for us to try!

Then the owner offered us little samples of granita limone--lemon slush, so refreshing:

And as if that weren't enough, they gave us complimentary snacks: sauteed zucchini and onions, bruschetta, and a fresh fig!

After that fun, delicious break, we continued on toward Positano. Here's one more view of Montepertuso, from the other side of the village:

The rest of the hike was perhaps the most difficult part--the only walking of all the miles we walked in Italy that gave me a (small) blister. Down, down, down hundreds of steps...

Here you can see SS163, the famous Amalfi Coast road we had driven on in the disastrous taxi ride:

Positano, closer now:

Gabriella, our lovely guide who was so full of interesting information:

At the edge of Positano, Gabriella helped us get oriented, gave us a few of the cookies to try, and then said goodbye. We continued on down to find lunch and dip our toes in the Mediterranean before catching a ferry to Sorrento.
Just a few more stairs. Whew.

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