Thursday, July 21, 2005

Boys and Their Toys

The Comcast guy came to our apartment yesterday and fixed our cable outlet so that our internet worked. Yay for me. I had a few blessed hours online until Steve came home.

You know that old saying, "If it ain't broke..." well, that doesn't always apply with Steve. When he was little he was famous for taking things apart--he "just wanted to see how it worked" (never mind that he couldn't seem to get it put back together in working order). So yesterday my dear husband decided working internet wasn't enough--our internet needed to be hooked up through his wireless router, not just through the computer in our second bedroom/office.

Right--because it's crucial to have wireless internet throughout our 1100-square-foot apartment. I mean, what if I'm in the living room, and I don't WANT to get up and walk ten feet into the office? Obviously I need to be able to pick up his old laptop and get online from the comfort of the couch.

His reply was: "But the router is so much cooler." (Never mind that as he tinkered, soon nothing was working--not even directly through the computer again.)

Ah, I can't pick on him too much. When the router didn't seem to be working, he did get the computer hooked back up and we are now back online. Men...

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