Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm MAUI-ed!!

I'm officially a Mrs. and back from a wonderful honeymoon in beautiful Maui!!!

After months and months of not-so-patiently waiting, Steve and I are finally married. It still seems hard to believe! The entire wedding day was so surreal and I can't count how many times during our honeymoon we said to each other in disbelief, "We're married! And we're in Maui!"

The wedding was a fairy-tale day. I could not have special-ordered better weather, especially for Ohio in July...Bill did a wonderful job performing a personal, beautiful ceremony...the prelude music was AMAZING thanks to my very talented friends Lyn, Janet and Aaron...all those stressful details finally fell into place and I had a blast.

We spent a week in Maui, which was a dream start to our life together...what a trip...we are already saying we want to go back someday for a big anniversary! Hopefully I will post a few pictures soon.

And now begins life in the "real world"...though it will be a different "real world" than I've ever experienced before, full of lots of changes!

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Amanda said...

Good luck! Married life is a blast!

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