Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Your Invited

So our photographer sent a package in the mail today with a form and some info about our wedding pictures that are online. She also sent this huge stack of cards that she suggested we could put in our thank-you notes--they have the website where our pictures are available, plus instructions and the password. Hey, what a great idea. Except that at the top of the cards, it says, "Your Invited!"

I swear, one of my biggest (if not THE biggest) pet peeves is incorrect use of apostrophes--people who want to put them in where they're not needed, and people who don't use them when they ARE needed. Call me a grammar nerd, I don't care. It makes my skin crawl. Argh, it killed me just to type that title! YOU ARE invited. Argh.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Amy, I read your title and I shivered. For a moment, before I read the rest of the post, I thought to myself, "No, not Amy too. Not Amy!" :)