Monday, July 25, 2005

Church Search

The perfectionist in me would like to take the music from this church, the preacher from that one, the men's ministry from another and the women's ministry from yet another, mix in a different church's statement of faith and the welcoming atmosphere from somewhere else and create the perfect church. Of course I realize that if the perfect church DID exist, it would immediately cease to be perfect the minute I joined. That's the problem--if only churches weren't filled with fallen humans... :)

Having just moved, Steve and I are embarking upon the journey to find a home church. This raises lots of questions, such as:
1. What are the non-negotiables--things we can't live without in a church--and what are the things we'd prefer but don't absolutely have to have?
2. What is the purpose of a church?
3. How do you as a visitor determine whether a church is the "right" one to settle into? How many visits does it take to make an adequate assessment?

What do you think?


Kayla said...

I want to post a comment on this because since my brother is a pastor and has now had 4 different churches, he is growing use to the change. Finding a home church happens in your heart. The body makes the church, not the building or the ministry opportunities. You should be able to worship no matter the place you are at, but how the family of Christ worships with you will tell you where you need to be. If the body wants to serve you, then you know that you can serve them. Obviously you have to make sure that you are comfortable with their doctrine, but I suggest choosing your church by the body. If they humble them selves to serve and know they need Jesus blood to cleanse them, then they are heading down the right path. Good Luck! I know it's a decision you don't want to take lightly!

Amanda said...

Well, Josh and I are in the same's tough, but want to hear a story so you can laugh about the toughness?

Short version: we visited a church about a month ago, and things were going good, it was what we were thinking we might like, good music, decent sermon, etc...but right at the end a dude got up in front of the whole congregation and prophesied about me and Josh! As in, specifically pointed us out ("you in the brown shirt, and the girl next to you"), told us he had a word from God for us, and went on to give us the most generic, fako fortune teller prophecy (gist:"You are being called to missions." Like who isn't, really?) Anyway: whole congregation turned to look at us, who had been too shy to even raise our hands as first time guests...we ran out, and never looked back. Intenseness.