Saturday, July 23, 2005

Breakfast in Bed

A few weeks ago, at a bridal shower, my aunt Judy got me a very fun and creative gift: a "breakfast in bed" kit. It had two little breakfast cookbooks, a package of muffin mix and a muffin pan, a candle, a potholder or two, maybe a couple of other things I can't remember, and a bed tray. All the other guests were like, "Ooh, now you can make Steve breakfast in bed" and I said with a smile, "Or he could make me breakfast in bed!" Everyone just laughed at me, and in fact, one of the older ladies said, "If you figure out how to get him to do that, let me know!"

I would just like everyone to know that my wonderful husband made me breakfast in bed this morning :) It was our first Saturday after his first week of work, so sleeping past 5:00 at all was going to feel great...he woke up at about 7:45 but of course that was not sleeping in nearly late enough for me. So I stayed in bed for a while...and a couple of hours later, he decided to make French toast, and brought me some on our new bed tray.

I can definitely handle married life.

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