Saturday, September 17, 2005

Burritos, Bookstores and a Blended Creme

What more could I ask for than a date in a big city with my husband involving three of my favorite things? Steve and I headed downtown again last night, this time because HE was craving Qdoba...yesss....I have converted the Chipotle man :) He emailed me from work and said he needed a burrito-as-big-as-your-head, so I was happy to help meet his needs. I tried a burrito this time (I always get a steak taco and some chips n queso) and it was soooo good...I only ate half because they are so huge...and this morning I discovered that I left the other half of my burrito on the counter instead of putting it in the fridge. Are you even kidding me. It was a sad, sad thing to throw that pound of chicken queso burrito in the trash. Oh argh. I'm still mad about it.

So then we spent the evening at Borders. We had $50 to spend in gift cards, so we each grabbed a stack of books (ok, he grabbed two. I had at least five) and did some reading to decide what we wanted to buy. I wanted to buy all of them! Argh! But buying books for full-price in a bookstore is not something I generally like to do if I can get them a) with a gift certificate, b) on sale, or c) online from amazon or So I restrained myself to just one. Our coffee table looks ridiculous right now as it is...we probably have close to a dozen books sitting in piles because either Steve or I am in the middle of them.

And we capped off the evening with Starbucks. So overpriced but a fun treat now and then. I love a good strawberries and creme blended creme.

The strange thing about our evening was seeing all the Vanderbilt students--Qdoba and Borders are right next to campus, so we saw tons of college students all night long. And a few of them looked so young! I am used to thinking of college students as old, but now that I realize we are probably older than any of them...and that kids I used to babysit are college freshmen this I feel old. It's just a strange thought.


rebekah said...

i am so jealous!!! i can picture everything about the places you stopped last night... including the feel of the people (the vanderbilt students who are their own breed :) i might have asked you this before, but have you been to fido's? it is a fun little coffee shop down there. if you have never been, you should check it out. or, better yet, we should meet there sometime soon! well, i am stalling from studying. i, too, have a granda sumatra coffee from starbucks sitting next to me (and a pumpkin scone). it is my treat for studying on saturday night. have a great night!

rebekah said...

do you like how i spelled grande?

Amy said...

Good grief, I thought word verification was supposed to eliminate comment spamming. Argh.