Monday, September 26, 2005

Quote of the Month

(as my dear husband and I talked again about our desire to go back to Hawaii for a second honeymoon far the mug of spare change on top of our refrigerator is the extent of our savings toward that end)

Amy: How will we ever afford to go back to Hawaii once we have kids?
Steve: We'll make them get paper routes.


Anonymous said...

haha, just drop them off at my house during your layover in LA and pick em up on your way home! That saves you another flight to Hawaii and all those food/fun expenses. I knew me being out here would come in handy!!

Amy said...

haha...thanks for the offer :) We would never take kids to Hawaii though--we saw some when we were there and thought, "this is definitely NOT a place for a family vacation with little ones" Steve was actually suggesting that we would make our kids get paper routes so that WE could go back to Hawaii alone! Which I think makes it even funnier :)

Jules said...

That is hilarious. :-) Maybe they could wait tables on the side too.