Friday, September 09, 2005

Hatred for the Bible

Wow. I'm searching for words right now, but so far all I've got is wow.

In surfing the Thomas Nelson website (the publisher in Nashville that I'd most like to work for at this point), I came across the blog of the CEO, Michael Hyatt. And then I stumbled upon some controversy.

Apparently last week, after the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Hyatt assembled a team of employees to figure out what Thomas Nelson could do to help. They decided to match employee contributions up to $50,000 in cash donations to Samaritan's Purse. They also decided, since they are one of the world's largest publishers of the Bible, to send 100,000 copies of the Bible to be distributed along with food, water, etc, to victims who wanted them.

Sounds simple enough, right? Except Hyatt got BLASTED on his blog for this. I sat here in disbelief and amazement reading dozens of comments from people who were just appalled and disgusted at such a gift. They couldn't believe Thomas Nelson would do such a ridiculous thing like send Bibles to people who had just lost everything and might want some comfort and hope. (And these outraged protesters also seemed to keep missing the point that TN didn't just send Bibles--they also sent money for food and supplies. It's not like they were being completely impractical and trying to save money. They gave money...AND they gave what they had, Bibles. To people in the BIBLE Belt who might welcome such a gift.)

As far as arguing otherwise, I can't do it any better than other commenters on the site who defended Hyatt and the actions of his company. Check it out--it's interesting reading. I'm still just completely flabbergasted by all the angry, venom-spewing people who thought this was such a horrible thing for Thomas Nelson to do. Wow.


Anonymous said...

hey! im glad you found sparse as it is...i've been reading yours for a while too ;) take care! -stace

Kayla said...

Oh my. I can't help but cry when I read some of those comments. And I am crying because revelation gives a very clear picture of eternity in hell and knowing people will actually face that reality, it's heart breaking. And it's also devastating that TN is spending days and days trying to defend their actions. May God pour blessings on them as they give the TRUTH, the only gift that will truly save!

Anonymous said...

o look gorgeous too! WE are BOTH ecstatic wives. I love my husband more than my own life! God definitely gave us men who are incredible to us. How did you find my site?!?!