Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day

What more could I ask for on Labor Day than a sunny day spent exploring a big city and eating Qdoba Mexican Grill in a beautiful park with my wonderful husband? Ahh...wish I had some pictures. I loved satisfying my Qdoba craving (have been deprived since April) with a yummy steak taco and those fantastic chips and queso. We discovered Centennial Park downtown, which I quickly determined would be a favorite spot for me if I were a Vanderbilt student (campus is just down the street). Who knew that Music City was the home of the world's only full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens? And we capped off the day walking the streets of Nashville with ice cream cones in hand. It was the perfect end to a long and relaxing weekend.

Later in the evening (after a much-needed nap), Steve and I gave our new mixer a test-run with some chocolate chip cookies. I love KitchenAid! And, I am ecstatic to say that the cookies turned out GREAT...the last time my mother-in-law made them, I watched her and wrote everything down exactly...and ours tasted just like hers! Yay!

However, my dear husband has much to learn about baking with me. Can you believe this: he actually put the bowl and spoon in the sink and filled them with water without licking them or giving me a chance to do so. What was he thinking?!?!


rebekah said...

oh, amy... nashville ahhh. i love it. -- i can hardly belive that you live there. can't wait to visit you!

Kayla said...

Oh my Steve! Eating the batter is the only reason to make cookies at all!!! :0)

Amy said...

Rebekah, I hope you'll come visit soon!! Steve does NOT like cities (I know, isn't that awful?) and I'm dying to explore Nashville more! :)