Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming...

I'm in the mood to blog this morning, but there's nothing really profound or interesting on my mind. My days are generally filled with the same things I've already written about: seeking to be diligent and faithful in the little things; pleading for grace and for help when I fail (which is often); drawing near to God on a personal, one-on-one level and asking Him to give me a greater vision and His heart; looking for jobs and praying He'll open doors according to where He wants me; dealing with the sometimes un-fun but always necessary process of having my heart and my character refined, especially as He burns the pride and the selfishness out. And, lest I forget, enjoying my husband (may I never take being married and living with him for granted, after two and a half years of the long distance relationship thing).

In short, I just keep swimming. Just keep broadening and deepening my understanding of God and myself and faith and marriage, and keep trying to broaden and deepen my patience and my trust when God and His ways are beyond my three-pound brain's capacity to comprehend.

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