Thursday, September 08, 2005

Letters from Old People

Please understand, I don't mean that title disrespectfully. I'm blogging to say that there is nothing like real mail from elderly relatives. Sometimes they just write about the most random things and it cracks me up. It really is like stream-of-consciousness writing a lot of times. Today I got a letter from my 93-year-old great aunt, who wanted to thank me for the wedding newsletter we sent with our thank you note to her. It was addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Amy Kammel," which made me chuckle before I even opened the envelope. She uses a typewriter, so there are funny little typos everywhere and she sometimes randomly switches to all caps in the midDLE OF A WORD AND THEN suddenly changes back, also very funny.

This is the line that made me smile the most: "I put off answering you until I got my hearing aid, to tell you about it." Also this line was funny: "Your Aunt Pat says your wedding is on the internet, I don't have a computer, so I can't see it, but that is neat." You know, the internet must boggle her mind, I would think. Sometimes it boggles mine and I've all but grown up with it. But the mental picture of her sitting at a computer surfing the web, looking at my wedding pictures online, is an interesting one :)

It is so fun to get real mail of any kind, but letters from old people make me smile an awful lot. She is so sweet!

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Amanda said...

Yeah, my grandparents sent Josh a card and signed it "Uncle Bob and Aunt Catherine." I was like, huh?