Friday, May 25, 2007

Bad Idea, Birdies

Again this spring, we have had some visitors of the small, winged variety. How I would love to watch baby robins hatch, like last year. However, in choosing where to build their nest, this year's birdies have really blown it. They thought inside our grill would be a perfect spot.

It started happening several weeks ago--maybe different birds--but we noticed before they could make too much progress, and Steve cleared it out. Now, either the same dumb birds are back, or another family had the same dumb idea...because I am sitting here hearing a whole lot of twittering right outside the screen door, and I just caught a glimpse of a bird with nest materials in its mouth perched right underneath the grill. Also, I can see twigs/bits of grass sticking out the bottom.

I hate to be the mean girl who destroys their happy li'l home...but if I don't, it's going to go up in smoke...


Jules said...

Who needs charcoal when you have bird poop? Mmmmm.

Amanda said...

Josh and I had that last year, before we moved to a complex (a state, actually) that doesn't allow grills on patios. Josh had no idea what was going first he thought someone had put a bunch of straw in our grill as a joke :)

I'm noticing an increase in posts...time laying particularly heavy on your hands?