Friday, May 18, 2007

The Blessing of Reconnecting

Yesterday morning was marked by a wonderful surprise: coffee with Heather Lang, whom I hadn't seen in over six years. Heather and I were freshmen at IWU together, but she had to leave school due to some health problems. We've kept in touch over the years, and thanks to the wonders of blogging, she was able to get in touch with me to say she was coming to Nashville this week. As it happened, I had a midwife appointment downtown yesterday just minutes from where she was staying--so she met me at Starbucks and we spent a couple of hours catching up.

What a tremendous blessing that was! I loved hearing about her new fiance(!) and about her life at Moody Bible Institute, where she's now finishing up college. Even more, I loved seeing the joy of the Lord overflowing from her. Heather is just lit from within--she has a peace and a hope that are unmistakable, gifts of grace after years of unimaginable trials that Christ has brought her through. She was such an encouragement to me and it was beautiful to see the woman of God she has become. (If only I could have heard her famous, one-of-a-kind laugh, the morning would have been perfect. I should have come armed with a really, really good joke or something :)

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