Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"How Lovely To Be a Woman"?

I think part of godly femininity is rejoicing in the fact that God made you a woman. But I have to admit, there is one area of life in which I cannot thank Him for making me female: Hair.

I generally like my hair itself--it's thick and soft, straight not frizzy, doesn't need to be colored. But I generally hate my hairstyle. In fact, I'm not sure I can remember a single time when I left the hair salon feeling really confident about my haircut. No, I take that back. One time: I really liked the haircut I got right before I graduated from college. A friend cut it in her dorm room, for free.

This morning I got a new haircut, and was reminded of this issue in which I hate being a girl. I've been through this before: Guys have it easy. Girls, on the other hand--we have no idea what we might look like when the stylist hands us that mirror. And even if we really like it, our chances of being able to reproduce the look at home are slim to none.

I don't think the last couple of shorter haircuts I've had have been very flattering on me, so I decided I wanted to let my hair grow again. Not that I want it to be waist-length like it was in college (no kidding--I donated 12 inches to Locks of Love and still had hair well past my shoulders), but at least past chin/brushing-the-shoulders length. So I went to the salon because I hadn't had it cut since October. I know. I don't like to go because I never like my haircut!

I was thinking just the minimum off the ends, maybe a little bit of long layering so I can flip it out or curl it a little if I feel like it. I ended up with TONS of layers, from my shoulders all the way up to my ears. Argh. The stylist flipped it all out, and it didn't look hideous, but it was way too frou-frou for me...I don't have the patience to fuss with it like that, and it just wasn't what I had in mind.

And then, how do you handle it with the stylist? I usually just pretend I like it. I did mention that the layers were shorter than I had wanted but the stylist clearly felt bad, so I just was all, smiling, "Oh, it's fine! Not a problem. My hair grows pretty fast anyway." And do you tip if you really don't like the haircut? I did because I felt bad, but that seems a little odd.

Oh the tribulations of being a girl...


Zoanna said...
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Amy said...

note to the curious: I don't make a habit of deleting comments--the above comment was deleted at the commenter's request because it included a personal email address :)

Todd and Micah said...

I hear you Amy. I've never been one to get my hair cut either. It's either always been long or somewhat short. This is the first time in my life I've kept it short for awhile. But it seems that ever since we moved out East, I go regularly now and I actually like my cut. It's nice to go to someone every time and say, "Just trim it up, I've had no problems with it." And she actually does it right!

Maybe you should ask around for a really good stylist or you could always shave your head :) Look at the bright side, those prenatal vitamins will get that hair growing back in no time.

sara jean said...

I never get haircuts either, for the same reason. I rarely like the cut and then I feel like I wasted money. But sometimes they are a must do for me because if I don't get my hair cut every now and then, it looks way way too big! Oh well, that's life and generally I like my hair too.