Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The "exploratory surgery" was a success! In all honesty, though I post things like that for comic relief, I really do trust my husband. He has mad home remodeling skills--something I don't take for granted, especially after hearing other people talk about how their husbands can't even change a light bulb or fix a leaky faucet! (In related home improvement news, he spent last Saturday not only replacing the rusted downstairs drain pipe, but also completely re-doing the undersink plumbing in the kitchen because "it wasn't done right" and he had to be messing around in there anyway. Everything works beautifully now.)

He's almost ready to drywall the nursery and guest bedroom upstairs, but the big delay has been the heating/air conditioning. We really don't think warmth in the winter will be an issue, but those rooms will definitely need summertime A/C. And when Steve went to run the ductwork a few weekends ago, he discovered, essentially, "you can't get there from here." We weren't sure what we were going to do, because I wanted to avoid window units if at all possible. Those rooms only have one small window each and I hated to block the natural light with an A/C unit!

But leave it to Steve, he found a way! On Saturday, he cut holes to run the ductwork up through the linens cupboard in the bathroom. This will be slightly inconvenient for a while, as it pretty much eliminates the very limited storage I did have in the bathroom, but we already have a makeshift "linen closet" in the hallway anyway, so it's not that big a deal. And once the downstairs bathroom gets gutted and remodeled (which, realistically, won't happen for at LEAST another year I am guessing, but it will eventually happen), we'll be able to have a real linen closet. Until then, I can deal, if it means A/C upstairs!

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Anonymous said...

You guys sound like us! Nothing like remodeling with a baby on the way! :) Glad things are coming along.