Monday, May 14, 2007

Stephanie's Visit

So my beloved college roommate, Stephanie, came to visit me over her spring break a few weeks ago, and I never even posted about it. We didn't get any good photos of the two of us while she was here! Well, it was a decent picture of her, but I hadn't even showered yet and wasn't about to post that lovely photo on my own blog :) But she came to my shower and we got a good picture, so now I'm finally giving her a blog post.

I had a blast catching up with Stephanie while she was here. I took her to Qdoba and then we had a crazy adventure at 100 Oaks Mall, which I didn't realize was completely dead. It was kind of creepy! Later that afternoon, the rain cleared off and we traipsed around Centennial Park, pretending to be photographers.

It is always a blessing to see old friends, especially when they are willing to make the effort to drive several hours to come and see you!

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