Monday, May 21, 2007

Put to the Test

This little snippet from a stranger's blog was a great challenge and encouragement to me this morning:

So often when I'm walking through "trials of various kinds," I only feel that I am the one being tested. God is testing me in order to bring about steadfastness and other Christ-like character. While this is true, this morning God provided a different perspective on trials. When we walk through trials, it is not only we who are being tested; it is also God and His Word that are being tested and as I have found, always proven true.

...My prayer that morning went something like this, "God, this is what your Word says, so let me see you come through today. Let me see you be true to Your Word." Now, while this may sound and can be the prayer of a cynic, by the power of the Holy Spirit I was able to offer it as a prayer of faith, knowing that God would be up for the challenge, so to speak.

When we're walking through trials of various kinds, remember we are not the only ones being put to the test. God and His Word is being put to the test, and you will find it is an opportunity to see the faithfulness of God and certainty of His Word.

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