Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Evening at the Kannel House

Amy is lying on the couch, browsing through the Stampin' Up catalog a friend dangerously gave her last night. Steve enters the room.

Steve: Whatcha doin'?
Amy: Lusting.
Steve: After...stamps?
Amy: (laughing) Well, yes...but more over paper and ink and ribbon.
Steve: OH...because that makes SO much more sense than lusting after stamps.
Amy: I can't help it that I have a stationery/paper products obsession! I don't expect you to understand.
Steve: That's good.


Josh Hilty said...

Ha! I hear you completely. I have the same obsession for Creative Memories products! Josh just doesn't understand. :) Enjoy!

kristenlea47 said...

I'm obsessed with stationery too... well any kind of office product really. Its a problem.