Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mothers, What Shall We Do?

Piper asks, at the conclusion of his sermon on gospel-centered mothering, "So, mothers, what shall we do?" His first answer:

1. Mothers, get right with God through faith in Jesus Christ as your righteousness.

Settle it, women. Once and for all. You will NEVER measure up to God's standards. Ever! Either Christ will be your righteousness, or you will perish. And when you have settled this with God, and trusted Christ for righteousness, then by that same faith savor him so supremely that you make progress in severing the roots of sin in your life.

Fight the fight of faith as a justified mother, not to become a justified mother. Your children will see the difference.

Again, the full sermon is here. Listen, don't read :)


Anonymous said...

If I could only measure up to my own standard...or the people I live with.

Amy said...

? I'm not sure I understand what you mean/where you're going with this comment...