Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ultimate Thankful Thursday: 2007 Edition

This Thanksgiving, I have so much to be grateful to God for. Here's the short list...
  1. conviction from the Holy Spirit
  2. people who are honest and humble enough to share their mistakes so I can learn from them
  3. vitamins
  4. my new camera lens
  5. people who have started doing Thankful Thursday because of me
  6. Shauna, who inspired me to start doing Thankful Thursday
  7. Operation Christmas Child
  8. pizza
  9. ink pens
  10. striped designs
  11. photographs
  12. the scents of pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, apples, leaves
  13. journals
  14. calendars
  15. friends from church willing to watch our dog
  16. friends from church willing to babysit Elijah
  17. comments on my blog
  18. hot showers
  19. electricity
  20. a clothesline
  21. a husband who complements me so well in so many ways
  22. new worship music at church last Sunday (updated hymns and Sovereign Grace songs!)
  23. no longer being under His wrath
  24. protecting me from countless unknown troubles
  25. a complication-free labor and delivery of Elijah
  26. choosing such a kind way to expose my sin, test me and refine me
  27. the joy of seeing girls I've invested in walking with and delighting in the Lord
  28. the joy of supporting dear friends working in missions overseas
  29. not having to fear bad news because He is sovereign and good
  30. the hope of a future without sickness or pain
  31. choosing me to be His child
  32. the ability to nurse Elijah (and the grace to persevere when it was so hard at first)
  33. the healthy babies born to so many of my real-life and blogland friends
  34. the Scriptures He has written on my heart
  35. my parents
  36. my in-laws
  37. the grace to get up early and meet with Him
  38. the ways He sustains me when I am so weak
  39. the promise that He will never abandon me
  40. making a way for me to approach His throne of grace
  41. being my Rock of refuge
  42. loving me while I was still dead in sin
  43. loving me too much to leave me wallowing in it
  44. being patient with me as I stumble and fall
  45. late-evening walks with my guys
  46. the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom
  47. the grace to be a stay-at-home mom
  48. the ability to go home for holidays
  49. the anticipation of traditional family foods
  50. the opportunity to establish new traditions as a family of three
  51. cars to drive
  52. delivering me from overwhelming despair
  53. Elijah's smiles and laughs and babbling
  54. a husband who loves me even when I am ugly and unlovable
  55. forgiving all my sins
  56. healing all my diseases
  57. redeeming my life from the pit
  58. crowning me with love and compassion
  59. not treating me as my sins deserve
  60. remembering that I am dust
  61. a husband who is such a wonderful dad
  62. using His daughters to comfort and reassure me and point me to Himself
  63. using me to encourage others
  64. the ability to sing
  65. written records, in Scripture and in my own handwriting, of His faithfulness
  66. the way Elijah sleeps so well
  67. our computer
  68. His power and might
  69. answered prayers
  70. humbling me
  71. taking me through the fire and comforting me so that I can turn and comfort others
  72. my midwife
  73. the beautiful women I've "met" through blogging
  74. Compassion International
  75. literacy
  76. my education
  77. delivering me from feminism
  78. causing me to enjoy cooking
  79. Steve's job
  80. health insurance
  81. gently leading those that have young
  82. giving strength to the weary
  83. a high priest who can sympathize with my weaknesses
  84. apple cider
  85. promising to complete what He started in me
  86. His unchanging nature
  87. diapers
  88. creative outlets
  89. everyday gospel lessons
  90. the unending depths of wisdom and promises to plumb in His Word
  91. hope
  92. the older women who have invested in my life
  93. comfy sweatpants
  94. freedom
  95. soap
  96. massages
  97. furniture
  98. designing it so that the way I can honor and glorify Him is to continue to call on His name and ask for more grace and help and blessings
  99. the inheritance that awaits me: to see clearly and savor completely His beauty and glory forever
  100. the cross, which bought all this for me and ten thousand blessings besides

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Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good list. I don't think I've ever seen someone write something that long that they are thankful, in fact, you have inspired me. Perhaps I will write a list like that sometime soon!