Friday, November 09, 2007

Ultimate Gratitude

In the wake of Thankful Thursday, I'm especially thankful for a helpful reminder I read this week in a thoughtful article by my blogger-friend Danielle called "Soul-Deep Contentment." She says:

"These gifts alone make me wealthier than many people throughout the world. How could I not be content with such blessings?

...I've learned good gifts alone don't bring contentment. Well, maybe for a while, but not for a lifetime. Not even gifts from God. They alone don't satisfy. Plus, gifts can be taken away. What then? Although it's right for me to be thankful for all the gifts God has given me in good health, a loving family, food, and so on, there is something more that I must be most thankful for. Christ Himself. Nothing satisfies like the ultimate gift of Christ, given through His work of salvation. There is nothing else I should be more grateful for, and nothing else that can bring about soul-deep contentment, no matter what the circumstances of life may hurl at me."

This is why I try to end every Thankful Thursday post with some unchanging blessings that go deeper than food or weather. At the end of the day, whether I have yummy food, or perfect temperatures, or a thousand other simple pleasures...even if my wedding ring hadn't turned up...I have countless other blessings that can never be misplaced or taken away. I have redemption; I have an eternal inheritance; I have a Savior and Friend who will never leave or forsake me. Ultimately, that's why I'm grateful!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you found it helpful! It's something I've needed to remind myself of even today.