Saturday, November 03, 2007

Surfin' Saturday: Kickoff

I often run across websites I'd like to share with you, though they don't really merit a blog post all their own. For that reason, and because my Favorites folder is ridiculously overloaded, I recently opened an account at (A side note: It was the longest time before I realized that website was "delicious"--I read it as "dell/eeseeo/u-s" for quite a while :) I love being able to easily keep track of articles I've found interesting--and to be able to save one memorable line from the article along with the link.

I'm working to get my feed on my sidebar, but I can't get it to look right (and I need to update templates to have two sidebars--the current one is way too long already). In the meantime, and to help me get through NaBloPoMo, I'm instituting "Surfin' Saturday"--when I'll point you to interesting things I've found around the internet.

This week's kickoff is "CDs for iPods" at Feed Your Player. Got old CDs lying around that you never listen to anymore? If you have enough of them, you might be able to trade up--way up. Forty CDs will buy you a 1GB iPod shuffle; 75 will get you a 4GB iPod Nano! You can also trade DVDs or a combination of both--and, you can make up the difference with cash.

Steve and I had some duplicate CDs when we combined music libraries, and I just had my parents bring down my old CDs last weekend--I know I have several I don't listen to anymore and wouldn't miss. We've been eyeing mp3 players for quite a while now, so I'm hoping we'll be able to get an iPod pretty cheaply through this site! For the details, and to find out what CDs are acceptable, check out the exchange rate and FAQs.

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Anonymous said...

That "CDs for iPods" site is great! I look forward to transacting some business. iPod business. Because that's how I roll. Love ya!