Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Photographic Evidence of the Awkwardness

T-minus 16 minutes and I don't have any drafts close enough to be able to finish them before midnight. So, for your daily laugh, I present to you...me. and Steve. in middle school--circa 1994.

I can't believe I am actually posting this...

Wow. Just...wow. I mean, what are you going to say besides, "Bless her heart." That is really a face only a mother could love.
Thank You, Lord, for contact lenses, and braces, and learning to do my hair (believe it or not this was actually GOOD hair...because this was post-growing-out-the-mullet...oh yes I did have a mullet). And thank You for giving Steve a growth spurt...

I can't just leave you with that one. OY. Here we are on our way to our senior prom: 

Unlike middle school, these were actually good times...but it's way more fun now, when Steve actually *knows* that I love him, and loves me back, and I'm not overanalyzing his every move and hyperventilating because prom is almost over and we haven't even gotten to have one single slow dance together... (I never did tell you that whole long story, did I?)

But oh, the days when those were my biggest problems :)


Danielle said...

That's cool you guys go so far back. And love the vest by the way. (No worries, I had one about like that too.:)

Zoanna said...

Hahahaha...that first picture is a real winner! The second one is beautiful. Speckled vest n all. Fun times.