Monday, April 09, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 242

"...look for reasons to be thankful and encouraged. Instead of assuming you have missed life, look for signs of life. Instead of assuming that God is absent, look for his presence. Instead of assuming that God's promises have failed, look for signs of the good things he has promised. Celebrate life even when you don't see it, knowing that your problem isn't that God is absent or unfaithful, but that there are times when all of us simply don't see him very well." (Paul Tripp, Forever: Why You Can't Live Without It)

Thanking God this week for...

2860. the ability to type quickly
2861. the ability to think clearly and critically
2862. Steve fixing our cars much more cheaply than taking them somewhere
2863. clean sheets
2864. long walks through our beautiful neighborhood

2865. showy pink azaleas everywhere
2866. Elijah learning to clean up the messes he makes
2867. pansies all over reminding me of my grandmother
2868. Elijah's new favorite pastime of blowing/twirling dandelion seeds
2869. boys letting me sleep in after a late night

2870. a long phone chat with a dear friend
2871. conversations that sharpen me
2872. gorgeous weather to sit outside while the boys play
2873. opportunities to hash through theology with Steve
2874. ducks and turtles at the park

2875. Jude fearlessly going down the big slides on his belly (feet-first)
2876. the scent of grapefruit
2877. the sweet, fruity Riesling that Steve just finished brewing and bottling
2878. appliances that make life unimaginably easier
2879. the beautifully satisfying end to season 2 of Downton Abbey

2880. cloudless, crisp blue sky
2881. Elijah imagining that the honking geese were talking about his cornflakes
2882. lunch at Chick-Fil-A
2883. kid-sized carts at "Joe's"
2884. Elijah carefully arranging groceries in his

2885. happy bouquet of miniature tulips
2886. free, healthy kid treats at Whole Foods
2887. a free cinnamon dolce frappuccino
2888. time alone to journal, think, pray
2889. a phone conversation with my mentor

2890. her understanding and encouragement
2891. reminders of His unchanging love
2892. boys inhaling warm blueberry muffins
2893. trees of all sizes and shapes and shades of green
2894. Steve doesn't usually have to work on the weekends

2895. eyes to see my sin
2896. being given far more than I have given, even just in an earthly sense among humans
2897. Christ's sacrifice on the cross
2898. the separation from God that He endured so I wouldn't have to
2899. His tomb is empty and He lives!

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Danielle said...

Amen! Happy Easter!

Glad you enjoyed Downton. :)