Saturday, April 07, 2012

My Life: Week 1

This month I'm participating in Paper Coterie's My Life photography challenge. I've started these things at least two or three times in the last few months, but I've made it to day 7 this time, so I'm hopeful about completing the project!

The task is to document a different element of your life every day for the month of April. Some are simple to snap a quick photo; others require some thinking and choosing before you can even begin to compose a shot. I'm having fun so far--it's definitely good for me to have my camera out more--and thought I would do a weekly blog post with each week's collection of photos.

day 1: my home
day 2: my handwriting

day 3: my smile

day 4: my reflection

day 5: my favorite shoes

day 6: my morning

day 7: my town


Danielle said...

Very fun!

Laurie said...

I love this! I've "known" you all these years and yet I've never seen your home, your favorite shoes, your handwriting, etc. Your house is absolutely adorable!!! as is your smile ;)