Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Life: Week 3

Still kind of straggling behind with the My Life photography challenge, but here are this week's attempts:

day 15: my lunch [tuna cornbread cakes and roasted cauliflower]

day 16: my guilty pleasure

day 17: my favorite stuff

day 19: my hobby [the only one I keep up with these days with any sort of regularity, at least]

day 20: my breakfast [almond butter, banana and honey sandwich] 

Week 1
Week 2


Danielle said...

I'm trying out a Nutella pound cake w/glaze next weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. I love Nutella!

I like your kindle cover. I tried to find a nice green one but didn't so mine is plain ole brown.

Robin said...

Oooh, how is Ava's Man? I read All Over But the Shoutin' and loved it, but haven't read anything else by Rick Bragg.

Amy said...

Robin, so far I love it! It's just as beautiful and moving as All Over. I didn't even know he had other books - I found AOBTS at a used store for a buck a few months ago and reread it, and then noticed the "follow-up." Found Ava's Man on PBS and am reading it while I run on the elliptical. If you liked AOBTS, you'll find AM delightful.