Monday, April 16, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 243

Thanking God (a little late) this week for...

2900. Steve off work last Tuesday
2901. a family day outside
2902. healthy, strong legs for long walks
2903. our stroller and Boba carrier
2904. the astounding variety in creation

2905. the simple pleasures of throwing rocks into water

2906. bridges, bridges and more bridges

2907. deep conversations with Steve
2908. the relief of sitting down after all that walking
2909. Steve taking me through a process of analyzing/planning that he learned at work

2910. a dozen forceful, unsolicited, hilarious kisses from Jude
2911. Jude's worst fat lip to date was not inflicted by Elijah and was easily soothed by nursing

2912. plane tickets to NYC purchased for a fall girls' weekend with my mom and aunt!!
2913. the ability to read while running on my elliptical
2914. first peonies off our bushes

2915. my sweet friend Jessie's wonderful care for our boys over the last couple of years

2916. inspiration to do a little creative writing
2917. clean bathrooms
2918. Steve's parents here for the weekend
2919. demolished bathroom

2920. Grandma reading to the boys

2921. Steve and his dad working hard on the house
2922. first strawberry shortcake of the year
2923. Steve's humility and willingness to take my concerns seriously
2924. coffee and gospel encouragement from a dear friend

2925. awareness of temptation and grace to fight it
2926. the way He always, always does what's best for every one of His children
2927. replacing my fear and anxiety with His peace
2928. the fact that I can already run faster and longer on the elliptical than a week ago
2929. the new study our church is doing during Sunday school

2930. the beautiful group of ladies I get to learn and discuss it with
2931. holding my family's health and future in His good hands


Danielle said...

Throwing rocks into the water is my boys favorite pastime too. And peonies! I'm jealous. My mom gave me a peony plant last year but I'm not sure it made it. :( I might have to invest in more this year.

Amy said...

peonies are the ONLY pretty thing about the outside of my house! we have six gorgeous bushes we took from my in-laws. what's weird is, one of them used to be hot pink - but this year they are all white. I can't figure that out! they all have the palest pink around the very edges--because at my in-laws', the pink and white are all mixed up together--so they look like they're going to be pink when they bud, and then they're white except for the outermost petal. LOVE them.

Danielle said...

That's weird about the color change. I know hydrangeas do that based on acid in the ground, but I have no idea about peonies. Oh, and my peony is coming up, so I'm very excited about that!! I'm sad though that the neighbor cut down the lilac bushes in between our properties down to STUMPS!! I couldn't believe it. I mean, they were a little wild but seriously?! So now we have stumps between our yards. Maybe they'll come back?? Some things I just can't figure out . . .

Amy said...

oh, sadness about the lilacs! and yay for your peony!

turns out our pink one didn't change colors - it just got choked out by the white ones, apparently. I need to take a picture. there are just a couple of hot pink blooms in the middle of this sea of white. so weird. unfortunately it rained here over the weekend, so they're all looking pitiful now. peonies die so gracelessly. I am bringing as many of them inside as possible--might as well enjoy them in Mason jars and vases all over the house than have them all flopped over in the yard!