Monday, April 30, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 245

Thanking God this week for...

2958. a healthy and growing 18-month-old with no developmental concerns
2959. free samples of yummy food
2960. a picnic lunch at the park with friends
2961. baby ducklings
2962. after-supper walks

2963. an orange bandaid to match Elijah's orange shirt (and a blue bandaid for a blue shirt...)
2964. my name on the list to sing with the IWU Alumni Chorale at Homecoming!!!
2965. a quick and easy soaked oatmeal recipe
2966. thought-provoking and winsome books
2967. lunch and great conversation with a sweet friend

2968. an awesome, humble, wonderful email from my one-in-a-billion husband
2969. windshield wipers
2970. black trees silhouetted against late-night fog
2971. the riches of His Word
2972. the way a Sunday Sabbath points to Christ and the gospel

2973. the way Steve and I work so well together as a team
2974. Steve's trust in me
2975. grace to apologize to Elijah (again, and again, and again...)
2976. Elijah: "When I have a birfday, I will be five! An' I'll have five cicadas." Me: " mean candles?" Elijah: "Yeah. Five candles."
2977. this super encouraging blog post

2978. the sweet friend who sent it to me
2979. diapers hanging in the sun
2980. laughing so hard I was in serious pain
2981. chocolate fountains
2982. more roadside strawberries, resulting in...

2983. strawberry shortcake for dinner
2984. bamboo walking sticks
2985. His steadfast love
2986. having compassion on me and treading my iniquities underfoot
2987. delivering my life from the pit and casting all my sins behind His back

1 comment:

Danielle said...

The boys have been planning their birthday party since Sophia's got over in August, lol! It's "Cars" themed! :)