Saturday, November 03, 2012

Family Day at Fall Creek Falls

We spent the day today at Fall Creek Falls State Park--and could not have requested more gorgeous weather for exploring!

Our church's next women's retreat is going to be held here in February, so the two ladies who are planning with me decided we should make a day trip with our families to check it out. We got to see the facilities and enjoy a picnic lunch, then view the falls:

One of the other families needed to get back for some evening plans, but Steve and I decided to stay a little longer and do a bit of hiking with the boys. Elijah, who has long been obsessed with bridges, was thrilled when we found this:

After we crossed, we made our way down to the creek and then decided we could cross it and head toward the top of a different waterfall. Unfortunately we couldn't get close enough to really see anything, but we still had a great time trying. Our timid and cautious firstborn has come a LONG way! And I love the side of Steve that this kind of hiking brings out. It reminded me of the time on our honeymoon when we hiked up a dry streambed to a waterfall (on the Road to Hana in Maui). Elijah gets his cautiousness and nervous uncertainty from me in this case, but Steve was SO patient with me as we climbed over boulders together.

Seven years later, here we were on a similar yet incredibly different afternoon--this time helping kids cross...

...or wearing them on our backs:
 Today was just what I needed after a rough couple of days--being out in creation, seeing more reasons to appreciate my husband, laughing with my boys.


Danielle said...

Wow, that's lovely! Getting out in nature does wonders, doesn't it! Jude looks nice and cozy in the back pack. The last time we went on a hike the whole time Sophia was in hers I swear she was shouting "walk walk!" Geesh. Wasn't very relaxing! :)

Amy said...

Jude isn't thrilled when we get the carrier out these days--he usually screams and thrashes like crazy--but if you can manage to get him on your back and wait a minute or two until he sees he's not getting down, he settles and is totally fine. :)

Mom said...

What a beautiful place!! How far from you?