Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving 2012

To continue a seven-year tradition, I sit down this Thanksgiving to note not a couple dozen, but a hundred gifts--these being just a tiny fraction of the countless reasons I have to be grateful today, the endless gifts for which I must give thanks to my generous Father:

1. my adoption as His beloved daughter
2. Elijah seeing Mama writing down gifts and spontaneously asking me to write down a few things *he* was thankful for
3. Annie Leibovitz's exquisite photography
4. the thrilling music and powerful story of Les Miserables
5. funny movie quotes

6. little-boy sneakers
7. instantly-downloadable music
8. streaming music for free
9. iPods
10. music in the car

11. well-drawn maps
12. clear evidence of answered prayers
13. encouraging cards
14. my elliptical machine
15. big spiral-bound sketchbooks for my journal

16. online photo storage/backup
17. pretty camera strap covers
18. a husband who likes to cook
19. chest freezer
20. cooking shortcuts that make life easier

21. grace to say no
22. grace when I fail to say no
23. all of God's promises are YES in Jesus
24. Elijah reciting memory verses
25. Jude chiming in with words he remembers

26. Jude asking to go get "Juh-Juh" when E is gone at preschool
27. Elijah's incessant (and hilarious) "when I grow into a man..." comments
28. living in a place where we have all four seasons
29. His incredible patience with me
30. wall calendars

31. history books
32. novels
33. the ability to read them
34. God's written Word
35. the Word made flesh, WITH us

36. homemade apple butter
37. tart-sweet, crisp apples
38. warm whole wheat bread
39. pumpkin spice everything
40. the ability to taste and see God's goodness

41. hair elastics
42. pretty aprons
43. colorful undergarments
44. adjustable-waist tabs in little-boy pants
45. boatneck shirts

46. husband warming a cold bed
47. older women who have invested in me
48. younger girls whom I've had the privilege of mentoring
49. my incredible family
50. my delightful in-laws

51. childhood friends
52. high school friends
53. college friends
54. mom friends
55. online friends

56. getting to meet online friends in real life
57. cell phones
58. text messaging
59. email
60. Skype with grandparents

61. baby toes
62. my kids' dimples
63. the fascinating mystery of genetics
64. my boys knowing their grandparents and even some great-grandparents
65. written language

66. soap
67. running water
68. my wedding ring
69. digital photography
70. sleepovers at age 30

71. the ability to cook
72. the ability to sing
73. the ability to drive
74. the ability to read
75. the ability to love

76. overcoming my stubborn will
77. not revealing the future to me
78. redeeming the past
79. guaranteeing my inheritance in Heaven
80. providing for my every need

81. home haircuts for my man and my boys
82. being able to pay for a professional haircut for myself
83. the privilege of being His means of provision to others
84. prayer with friends
85. friends telling me I've made them laugh

86. rebukes that sting
87. grace to receive them, conviction of sin
88. mercy
89. being humbled
90. Jesus' perfect record of righteousness, credited to me

91. antique quilts
92. crepe myrtles
93. magnolia trees
94. peonies
95. red star-shaped sweet gum leaves

96. husband's unconditional love, reflecting Jesus
97. how good it feels to stop hiding sin and start walking in the light
98. repentance He grants
99. washing me whiter than snow
100. knowing these hundred gifts are just the beginning of an endless list

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