Monday, November 26, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 267

“If gratitude is an antidote for anxiety, and giving thanks is a real cure for stress, we don’t have to relegate thanksgiving to a holiday, for giving thanks to God revolutionizes all of our days.” (Ann Voskamp)

Continuing to give thanks to God after the Thanksgiving holiday for the gifts He continues to give, including...

4479. safe travels to Ohio and back
4480. my seamstress sister-in-law fixing pants for me and the boys
4481. grace to keep my mouth shut
4482. the way Jude puts a big space in the middle of two-syllable words
4483. a reasonably successful moving sale for my parents

4484. treasures we brought home
4485. the boys' delighted giggles in watching popcorn pop in my parents' old electric popper
4486. the storage units my in-laws own, so we could leave stuff there until we can transport it here
4487. Steve skillfully loading our car as full as humanly possible
4488. old letters from my grandmothers

4489. watching the Ohio State-Michigan game with Steve's family, including his precious granny
4490. my niece wanting to sit next to me at Thanksgiving dinner
4491. family gathered around a loaded table, giving thanks and feasting
4492. reminders of my weakness
4493. hilarious game of Telephone Pictionary

4494. kids playing SO well together with minimal intervention/supervision
4495. girl time with old friends
4496. post-bedtime chat with my brother- and sister-in-law
4497. the physical ability to carry boxes and go up and down stairs
4498. friends sharing the vulnerable parts of their hearts with me

4499. Jude in a corduroy blazer with elbow patches
4500. papers I wrote in elementary school
4501. the health of our church
4502. Jude wanting Grammy over Mama, and how that makes Mom's day
4503. Christmas music season, finally!

4504. home sweet home after a long week and a long car ride
4505. His mercies, new again today

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