Monday, March 20, 2006

Birthday in St. Louis

My birthday (I turned 24 on Saturday--thanks, all two of you non-family members who remembered!) started with breakfast in bed, thanks to my wonderful husband who makes mean French toast, and then turned into a wonderful weekend in St. Louis. The purpose of our trip actually wasn't to celebrate my birthday, but rather, to celebrate the ordination of Steve's cousin Josh and to spend time with extended family we hadn't seen since last March. And what a fun weekend it was!

Steve and I had a great time catching up with cousins and being entertained by their beautiful, precious children. I wish I had pictures to post! (My favorite lines of the weekend came from four-year-old Zack, who informed us that the lemonade he was drinking at Houlihans "makes my tongue dizzy" and then told everyone what we taught him to say: "I have ornery in my eyes!" He really does--there is no mistaking the mischievous twinkle in that little boy's expressions!). Though it was a short visit, it was full of games and laughter--and my in-laws even gave me a fun surprise birthday celebration! I celebrated with my family when we were home last weekend, and then this weekend, Steve's mom made a yummy white chocolate cake and his family all sang to me.

The weekend culminated with last night's ordination service. Josh, who's been in seminary for the past two and a half years, was ordained as a minister of the gospel in anticipation of his becoming a pastor this May/June. It was an emotional and God-glorifying worship service, and Steve and I were so blessed to be there. We felt richly rewarded to be a small part of God's blessing to Josh and Ali and their four little ones (including the aforementioned Zack). There is nothing like the feeling of being used by God in some small way to show His faithfulness to someone else!

Though our late-night drive home included an unplanned "scenic diversion" through the stupid Illinois towns of St. Jacob and Highland (somehow we both missed the split for I-64 and headed north on I-55 instead, then had to cut across on state roads), we made it home safely and are glad to be back in Tennessee where things should settle down a little after all our recent road trips!


Wayne said...

Don't call Highland stupid just because you all can't read a map :)

Amy said...

I trust your smiley face shows that you read my comment as the tongue-in-cheek statement that it was. Driving through Highland at 9 PM on a Sunday night when you're tired doesn't qualify you to know whether or not it is a stupid town, I realize.

In my defense: I can read a map quite well. We didn't end up in Highland because we couldn't read maps, but because we missed an interstate exit. And, the way it's marked to get on Illinois 160 south when you're coming into Highland on US 40 east IS pretty stupid!


Jackie said...

First I would just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR AMMMMMYYYYYY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I'm ashamed to admit that I totally forgot that it was your birthday on saturday .. even though it's written in HUGE letters in my planner!

Second I'd like to say that St. Louis is INSANE! We stayed in St. Louis on our way to and from Oklahoma ... well when we went to see the Arch we got lost on the way back to the KOA ... yep .. you heard me .. lost! haha we took EVERY interstate except US 40 .. 2 1/2 hours late we landed ourselves back at the KOA. So Amy, I TOTALLY understand!!!!