Monday, March 27, 2006

The Gospel Song

Just ran across this simple, beautiful song. It sums up my recent series--reflect on these lyrics on a Monday morning:
Holy God in love became
Perfect Man to bear my blame
On the cross He took my sin
By His death I live again

"The Gospel Song," from Songs for the Cross Centered Life. Lyrics by Drew Jones, music by Bob Kauflin. Lead sheet is here.

(HT: marriedlife)

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Anonymous said...

I look back at the time when God brought the The Cross-Centered Life to me as a sweet time of learning more of Christ, his Grace, and the wickedness of my own heart. So many fond memories of mercy!

Came to you from Dan's Eucatastrophe blog (I adore his entire family) and noticed that you live in Nashville (my favorite US city). Noticed that you love the Gospel and thought I would say "hi!"

grace & peace,