Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Toward a Cross-Centered Life: Final Thoughts

As I wrap up this series, let me make the necessary disclaimer:

Do not for a moment think that my last several posts have been implying that I now have everything all figured out.

I don't. (That's why the title is "toward" a cross-centered life!) I've been blogging about this because it's the heart of what's been going on in my life over the past few months, and because I want to share the powerful message God has been teaching me. Not because I have "arrived." Not even close.

I still fail much more often than I succeed. I still get discouraged. I still have a whole lot of ugly pride in my heart.

But I'm learning. I'm learning to acknowledge my dependence on Christ every moment. I'm learning that every success is by His grace alone, and that no failure changes my standing before my Father in heaven.

Slowly, I'm learning what it means to be cross-centered. I pray that God in His grace will continue to increase my understanding of the cross, my love for Him, and my awareness of my dependence on His grace. I pray He'll do the same for you.

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope someone, somewhere, has been blessed by my ramblings on cross-centered living.

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a suburban housewife said...

I am enjoying your blog series. You have said some incredibly kind and encouraging things in the comment section of my husband's blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


It is great to discover another cross-centered / gospel-centered blog in the blogosphere! Keep it up!


faith ann raider said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm so glad I popped in to see yours! It's hard to find like-minded bloggers sometimes.
I was really encouraged by your reminder, I think it was on another post further back, that a cross-centered life is made up of cross-centered DAYS. A very timely word for me as I begin my day!
I'll be sure to come back often.

tonymyles said...

You become cross-centered by becoming cross-eyed.

Ooo... I should sell that to a cheesy church sign company.