Sunday, March 26, 2006

Toward a Cross-Centered Life: Part 10

If, like me, you long to be cross-centered, you may by now be asking the same questions I have been asking:

How? What does that look like?

Mahaney's answer: "A cross centered life is made up of cross centered days."

Profound in its simplicity. How do I live a cross-centered life? One day at a time. Not looking at the formidable goal of "life," but at the immediate goal of today. Living a cross-centered life by centering myself on the cross today. Tomorrow I'll center myself on the cross again. Tomorrow can worry about itself.

Mahaney offers many practical tips for centering your life on the cross, but I've already quoted the book enough. If by now you have not considered getting The Cross Centered Life and reading it for yourself, let me urge you: Go get The Cross Centered Life and read it for yourself! Even if you don't like to read. This book is tiny--it's only 85 pages in a small hardcover format. And if you want more, buy Mahaney's new book instead: Living the Cross Centered Life is supposed to be (I haven't yet read it...but feel free to buy me a belated birthday gift ;) a combination of this book and his book Christ Our Mediator, along with new material.

I don't work for these people. I don't even know them personally. I just believe in the unparalleled importance of this message. See for yourself!

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