Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flexibility, Honey

One beautiful thing about staying at home even when you don't have kids is the freedom of flexibility in your schedule. Though this lack of structure and routine can often be my downfall, and though it doesn't make sense to others, I've discovered this week one more way it can be a source of blessing.

I spent a couple of hours Monday and all day yesterday babysitting for an incredibly bright and adorable toddler named Annalyn. Her family goes to our church, and her mom has been horribly sick this week. (She's not terminally ill or anything--she has an absolutely nasty case of the flu or some such thing.) Annalyn and her daddy were sick with it last week, and Mommy nursed them back to health...but when mommies get sick, who takes care of them? Even more, who takes care of their energetic and demanding children?

Perhaps just one reason God has me at home during this season is to be able to do just that. When Pamela (Annalyn's mommy) called, sounding desperate and miserable, I was in a position to help. Most other women in our church would love to help, but couldn't because they have either a) young children of their own, or b) a full-time job. Since I don't have either, I could come right over. I spent time playing with Annalyn and keeping her out of trouble while Pamela lay in bed, too weak from fighting off this bug to keep up with her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Wish I had a picture to post--Annalyn really is a cutie. And she cracks me up. The title of this post comes from the fact that, when she's not calling me "Miss Aney" (pronounced like "Amy," but with an "n" instead of the "m" thing I love about the South is the way children call adults Miss or Mr. Firstname--it provides a way to be respectful without being so formal), Annalyn occasionally calls me "honey." There are not a whole lot of things funnier than being called "honey" by a tiny little blonde who's not even completely potty-trained. "Find a stick, honey," she tells me. "You do it, honey." It's hilarious.


Kat Coble said...

I, too, stay home without kids. For many of the same reasons you've listed but with the added reasons of health concerns.

I have been fortunate enough to secure sporadic freelance work that has brought in "a little extra".

And I know full well the irritating questions that come up. Every Sunday at church at least three people ask me when I'm "going back to work". It's apparently wrong that my husband and I have decided that this is how our family works best.

Christin said...

Adorable! I can just hear her little voice. :-)

Amanda said...

Unrelated comment (well, related to what's on your coffee table): Isn't "All Over But the Shoutin'" an amazing book? Seriously, that is the book that first made me want to be a reporter. (A now defunct dream, but still important in my development :))

Hope you are well, Amy.