Tuesday, March 07, 2006

His Love Took Him There (but not like you think)

Bob Kauflin just keeps 'em coming today. I should post some original thoughts of my own...but why bother when I can point you to nuggets of gold like these? (all emphases mine)

"There is an error to avoid, the danger of seeing the loving obedience of Christ as primarily and exclusively for the sake of man, when, in fact, it was primarily out of love for God that he accepted the cross (Heb. 10:7). Dr. Geerhardus Vos stresses that our Lord's Messiahship was 'absolutely God-centered.' 'Jesus,' says Vos, 'accepted the cross out of a motive of love for God even more than, and before He accepted it because of His love for man...In dying, as in all else He did, He hallowed God's name.' This is a truth too often overlooked, and it in no way detracts from the wonder that Christ loves each one of his people with all of his love." (from The Cross He Bore by Frederick S. Leahy, published by Banner of Truth Trust)

I've heard it said that Jesus died on the cross because he would "rather die than live without us," and that the cross shows how much we're worth to God. While I can understand the motive behind these and similar thoughts (that the cross demonstrates God's profound love for us, which it does), they tend to obscure where our focus should be. If thinking about the cross leads me to think more about myself, I've missed the point. Jesus died to uphold His Father's justice and righteousness (Rom. 3:21-26). My sins alone required the death of the Son of God. The reason Jesus confidently endured the cross was not ultimately because of His love for US, but because of His love for His Father and His zeal to uphold His glory. The cross sets us free from constant self-love to passionately love the One Who created, sustains, and redeemed us.

May the cross of Christ amaze you, astound you, and continually awaken your soul to the infinite mercies of our great God.

Wow. What can I add to that but, WOW.

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