Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All Grown Up

When did my baby brother get so grown up? It seems like just yesterday I was beating this kid up (can you believe I actually used to be able to do that?).

Josh got his bachelor's degree in Fire & Safety Engineering Technlogy from Eastern Kentucky University this past weekend. Steve and I made the trip up to Richmond to watch him graduate and spend a little time with my family. The reading of names during the ceremony took, I kid you not (my uncle timed it), 90 minutes. They could easily have gotten through those names in half that time. Oh well--Steve passed the time by reading a novel and I scanned the program for baby names :) Some, er, interesting possibilities...

The fire & safety department at EKU has a cool tradition where, after the students get their diplomas, they replace their mortarboards with their fire helmets. Made him easy to pick out of the crowd! After the two-and-a-half-hour ceremony (made more bearable thanks to my amazing dad, who went hours early to save us seats with backs instead of a spot in the bleachers), we took some photos and then my parents treated us to a really nice celebratory dinner.

Josh has had a really successful four years at EKU--I was a proud big sister. He was the president of the fire guys' student organization and was even named the Outstanding Senior in the College of Justice and Safety! (If I can't brag on him at my blog, where can I?) He was planning to head south and start working as a firefighter, but a couple of his professors asked him to stay on as a graduate assistant and get his master's at EKU. So he'll be staying in Kentucky for another year. (He has become a bonafide hick, country music and all...)

Of course I have to post this lovely picture. Josh never ceases to crack me up. After we posed for a regular shot, he turned to face me and said he wanted a belly shot. I almost died laughing. He's in good enough shape to have passed the demanding physical tests for several fire departments this spring, but unfortunately he's got a gut earned in the popular college way. (He is sticking it way out on purpose in this shot, though.)

Congratulations, Josh!


Kelly said...

I love your outfit! :)

Zoanna said...

You're a great braggart. Nothing like an older sister to pour on the kudoes (after years of pouring on other stuff). Cute belly shot of you two. Tell him the purple tassle has deepened my respect for firefighters the world over.

Amy said...

haha--the tassel's actualy maroon and white--their school colors. he reads this blog, though, so he'll appreciate your comment I'm sure :)

The Chinlund Family said...

I love the picture--too cute!!! Aren't brothers great!?! Chad just graduated yesterday from Paramedic school, so now once he passes his national test he can officially get hired on as a fireman! I can imagine the relief your brother must feel!!! Congrats to him!