Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gospel Encouragement for Mothers

One of my favorite bloggers-I-don't-know-in-real-life, Laurie, is resurrecting her blog in 2009--and I'm so thankful! Laurie has a gift for applying the gospel to real life, and she uses her blog to share those insights with us, stirring women to cherish the cross and depend more on the grace, love and power of the Savior. Her blog has a new feature called "MOMentum," which she hopes will "harness the power of the gospel to impel us forward in our pursuit of biblical womanhood."

This week's MOMentum post was especially encouraging to me as an impatient mother. Laurie prefaces it by saying:
This poem is my attempt to capture three different seasons of motherhood that require patience and one all-encompassing motivator and sustainer of patience: the cross of Jesus Christ. It is inspired by my own desire to grow in this fruit of the spirit, particular in my mothering.

Check out The Mother’s Fight for Patience at Ordinary Mother this week--and stay tuned for more gospel-centered posts from Laurie.

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Anonymous said...

Amy, you are so sweet. thanks for the encouragement and the link. :)