Wednesday, January 07, 2009

WFMW: Photo Postcard Thank-Yous

Years and years ago, long before I ever got married, let alone became a mother, I picked up this idea from a cousin of mine. My mother would give gifts to her nieces and nephews' children, and one in particular always sent thank-you notes. But not any thank-you notes; these were postcards. And not just any postcards; these had pictures--of the adorable recipient of the gift!

I loved the idea, and filed it away for the future. The first time I had the opportunity (Elijah's first Christmas, last year), I used it. It was a hit. This is a win-win situation for everybody: I save money (places like Snapfish offer 9-cent prints, and postcard stamps only cost $.27 instead of $.42) and the gift-givers get cute pictures to hang on the fridge!

As soon as I can after the holiday (birthday or Christmas), I chose a favorite photo and order several prints. Sometimes I use the same photo for everyone's postcards; other times I change it up. When I get the prints, I use a ruler to draw a vertical line down the center and a few address lines so it looks "official." (Sometimes printing places--Snapfish, for one--print a line of information on the back; when this happens, I just use dry white-out tape to cover it up, and it's barely noticeable. This time I got prints from CVS, and the backs were blank.)

I then write the thank-you note, trying not to press too hard so it doesn't leave marks on the photo side. Add a stamp, address it and stick it in the mail. Of course there's a chance that the picture will get damaged en route, but the ones I've seen have arrived unscathed. Here's one of the photos I used, and a picture of the back:


Anonymous said...

Well isn't that just nifty! I have some thank you cards that are just sitting here in the box because I have yet to make them out...maybe I will steal your idea and do the same! I am sure the church people who helped us out so much when Sam was born six weeks early would love a picture of the little guy! GREAT IDEA!

Annikke said...

THAT is such a fabulous idea! Most of my family lives elsewhere and would really enjoy a picture of the kids with the gift (or just a picture of the kids). I am SO doing this! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! I'd like to try that. And that is a cute picture of your little guy too.