Saturday, November 14, 2009


I hate failure.

For the first time in the four years I have been doing NaBloPoMo...I didn't make the goal of posting at least once every day for the month of November :(

I realized at about 2:30 this morning that I hadn't put up a blog post in the insanity that was yesterday. Sad! I was so hoping that this would be my year to win one of the awesome prizes. The last three years, I've accomplished the goal, but not been selected for a prize. So probably, this year I'll be randomly selected and then be disqualified for not having posted every day. Argh! On the bright side, I haven't yet seen this year's prize list--when I first looked it up before NaBloPoMo started, it only contained one or two things that did not appeal to me. Now I'll just avoid looking so as not to torture myself.

I still plan on posting every remaining day in November. I've got a lot of ideas floating around in my head, both my own and ones you suggested. Yesterday was just so crazy that I did not have any time to post, unless I'd gotten on the computer at 10:45 when I got home--and at that point, the only things on my mind were bed, and my poor toddler with a horrible, barking cough.

What I *shouldn't* be sad about is the fact that real life took me away from the computer. Too often it is the other way around--the computer is a huge distraction from the people and tasks that are present right in front of me. So in reality, it's a GOOD thing that I was so busy living and loving right here and now that I wasn't thinking about the world of blogs! That's not "distraction"--that's called "right priorities." A helpful reminder, I guess--that NaBloPoMo should serve me and my family, not rule my life.

And the main reason I wasn't on the computer yesterday is because I was spending time with one of my dearest friends: the lovely Pamela Terry!
Pam and I went to college together, and she is now singing with the U.S. Army Field Band & Soldiers' Chorus--who were on tour in Nashville this week! After Thursday night's concert, Steve and I brought her home with us, and she and I stayed up until after 1:00 AM talking. Pam spent a few hours with Elijah and me in the morning, then we took her back downtown to catch her bus. I'm so glad we got to see her for a quick visit...even if the conductor did cut her solo at the last minute (boo).

After we dropped Pam off, Elijah and I went to Centennial Park to enjoy the beautiful weather. We fed the geese (which he got a huge kick out of...WHY didn't I take my camera?!) and he ran off a bunch of energy before we came home and crashed. I woke up from a long, much-needed nap with barely enough time to scramble and get things around to pick up four other ladies and go to a baby shower.

So it was a fun, full day--NaBloPoMo failure or not. And I know that whether I like it or not, it's good for my proud, perfectionist self to fail sometimes and learn humility :)


Mel said...

Oh my gosh! Pammy! Oh how I miss her!!! I am so jealous you got to see her again. Glad you two had a fun visit together.

Amy said...

Mel, she is going to be in Indiana in December--she is the alto soloist for Messiah at IWU on the 12th! you and the hubby should go for a special date :)

zz said...

Right priorities, for sure. I was a little upset after trying this challenge (even though I thought it would be easy for me). The night I realized I was in bed and the computer was off and I hadn't thought about posting, I actually felt good, for the reason you mentioned.
I had a life:).