Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WFMW: That Tube Goes Further Than You Think

I can't remember now who suggested this to me--but I'm so glad they did. Maybe this is obvious to most people, but it was brilliant to me. It is one of the easiest, most effortless ways I know to be frugal, and all you need is a pair of scissors and a ziploc bag.

You know those tubes of liquidy beauty items that stand on end--lotions and so forth? You figure that since they're standing on end, the lotion has settled at the cap and you're able to get most of it out. But there comes a point where you just can't squeeze hard enough, and you have to throw the tube away.

No more. You will be astonished to discover how much lotion or makeup is still in that tube! And getting it out this way is much easier than wrestling with the tube to squeeze out the last drops. I first did this with a tube of body cream from Bath & Body Works. I simply cut the very top off of the tube with a pair of scissors, and used my fingers to wipe out the lotion that was stuck to the inside of the tube. When I got all the lotion from the upper part of the tube, I cut it off further down so I could use up the rest. And I stored the cut tube in a plastic baggie in between uses to keep it from drying out.

Recently, I thought I was about out of foundation--but figured I would cut the top off and maybe get another day or two worth of makeup out. Wrong: I continued to use that tube for several WEEKS! It was a smaller tube, so I used a cotton swab to get the remaining foundation out.

The next time you think you're just about out of lotion or foundation or something similar, cut off the top of the tube. It works for me!

*I am out of the loop and, not being a regular participant, didn't realize that WFMW would be on vacation this week--oops! Next week, you can visit We Are THAT Family for more Works for Me Wednesday tips.*

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