Monday, November 16, 2009

Recommended Resource: WTS Bookstore

I haven't hesitated to use this blog to complain about poor customer service--so I also don't want to hesitate to use it to applaud companies whose service is impressive. Today I am blown away by an email I just received from Westminster Bookstore, the campus bookstore for Westminster Theological Seminary.

A while back, I discovered that WTS Books has fantastic prices on many of the books Steve and I shop for--in many cases, they are lower than Amazon. And they charge a low, flat rate for shipping rates: $4 UPS shipping for orders over $35, and for orders under $35, you can use $3 USPS economy shipping.

If you get on Westminster Bookstore's mailing list, you also get opportunities to take advantage of some amazing deals. Often they will run a two-day sale on a new release, for 60% off the cover price! That's why I bought When Helping Hurts, which I have mentioned a couple of times in my Simple Woman's Daybook posts--I was able to get it for just $4.97. (So far it's a fantastic read.)

Last week they ran a similar deal for a new book by a CCEF faculty member, Michael Emlet, called CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet. I hadn't heard of the book, but as soon as I read the description, I knew it was a must-read--and for $4.97, I couldn't pass it up. So I ordered it. And then I received today's email:

I write to apologize about the delayed shipment of your order of CrossTalk. We experienced overwhelming demand and sold out of our initial 2,000 copies much more rapidly than expected. To add insult to injury, we did not make adequate arrangements to rapidly replenish stock. While we are still in the promised delivery time frame with your order of 1-3 weeks, the delay in shipping your product is unacceptable to us.

We will be crediting your credit card the $3 shipping charge as a token of our apology. The Lord provided our second shipment of 2,000 copies today and so we hope, God-willing, to get your order out today.

WOW. Is that crazy or what? In my view, the refund was unnecessary, but certainly very appreciated. I am astounded by this kind of proactive, generous customer service. And I thought I was getting a wonderful deal by paying $7.97 including shipping for the book (it's now $10.39 at WTS Books and $15.99 at Amazon)...but now it turns out I get it shipped to me, brand-new, for less than five bucks! You can't beat that, friends.

So, all that to say, I highly, highly recommend checking out Westminster Bookstore for your holiday shopping (is it really time to be thinking about that already?!)--and for all your online book-buying.

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