Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ultimate Thankful Thursday: 2009 Edition

Four years ago, my dear friend Kelly inspired me to do a mega-thankful list for Thanksgiving: 100 things I'm thankful for. It's good to pile blessings on top of blessings and realize just how many reasons for gratitude I have, both big and small. A list of a hundred barely makes a dent in the pile.

Today, as every Thursday, my thanks are not generic. Every good gift I have comes from the hand of my Heavenly Father--and He Himself is the gift that surpasses all others. I'm feeling especially convicted this time around to focus on and treasure the Giver, not just the temporary earthly blessings He bestows. This year I am thanking God for countless gifts, including...
  1. His absolute sovereignty
  2. photographs that enable me to see places I'll never get to visit
  3. photographs that enable me to remember people and places I have known and loved
  4. freedom of speech
  5. working all things together for my good and His glory
  6. used book stores and sales
  7. hot showers
  8. Operation Christmas Child
  9. real mail
  10. His perfect goodness
  11. giraffes
  12. elephants
  13. lions
  14. dogs
  15. providing everything I need for life and godliness
  16. lessons taught well by others who have gone before me
  17. lessons learned the hard way
  18. Google
  19. sleeping through the night
  20. His steadfast love
  21. A Gospel Primer for Christians
  22. the mental capacity to memorize the gospel narratives in the book
  23. my parents' and my in-laws' wisdom with money
  24. the CCEF class I got to take this fall
  25. interceding for me
  26. friends who pray for me
  27. friends who share their heart so I can pray for them
  28. the holdout trees in our neighborhood--just a few who are still surprising me with their beauty
  29. our jogging stroller, so nice for long daily walks
  30. His unsearchable wisdom
  31. cookbooks
  32. recipe blogs
  33. a husband who will eat almost anything
  34. the realization that foods eaten closer to the way He created them have got to be better for us than foods man has screwed around with
  35. giving me a beautiful inheritance
  36. friends from my childhood
  37. friends from high school
  38. friends from college
  39. new friends
  40. friends my age
  41. older and wiser friends
  42. younger friends, who teach me as much as I teach them
  43. friends I've never met in real life
  44. Jesus, what a friend for sinners!
  45. not treating me as my sins deserve
  46. our new church
  47. our pastor's gospel-saturated preaching
  48. other pastors' gospel-centered preaching available free online
  49. cough drops
  50. His awesome power
  51. page protectors
  52. coconut oil
  53. podcasts
  54. the smell of freshly ground vanilla coffee
  55. completing the good work He began in me
  56. sloppy kisses from Elijah
  57. tender kisses from Steve
  58. the ability to read
  59. protection from ten thousand horrors I have never known and cannot imagine
  60. His coexisting justice and mercy
  61. hardwood floors
  62. home printers
  63. indoor lighting
  64. Christmas trees
  65. never leaving or forsaking me
  66. the gift of marriage
  67. the privilege of motherhood
  68. not just marriage generically, but the incredible man I am married to
  69. not just motherhood generically, but the adorable son I birthed
  70. the fact that He never changes
  71. the parents who gave me life and raised me with love
  72. the in-laws who have welcomed me into their family
  73. the miracle of adoption
  74. the ability to write
  75. keeping me from stumbling and falling away
  76. blue skies
  77. necessary rain
  78. warm fires
  79. acoustic guitars
  80. His absolute holiness and purity
  81. vocal music
  82. the ability to hear
  83. metaphors
  85. not breaking me when I am bruised or snuffing me out when I am only smoldering
  86. pumpkin
  87. clean drinking water
  88. the outlet that this blog has been for me
  89. the other blogs that challenge, encourage, inform and inspire me
  90. His patient gentleness
  91. the unfathomable suffering He endured at the cross
  92. defeating death and sin once and for all
  93. meeting me right where I am
  94. loving me too much to leave me there
  95. preparing for me an eternal inheritance that far outweighs any good or bad on earth
  96. breathing life into my soul when I was still dead in sin
  97. replacing my heart of stone with a heart of flesh
  98. the ability to see Him as beautiful and glorious
  99. the capacity to enjoy Him as the most valuable treasure in all the universe
  100. the hope of everlasting life with Him

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